An energy deficiency is described as a state of fatigue or exhaustion that develops when the body does not produce sufficient amounts of energy for sustained health or daily activities.1

A long term energy deficiency may lead to:

  • Frequent mood changes
  • Poor mental or physical performance
  • Persistent fatigue or tiredness
  • Concentration issues 
  • Poor mental clarity
  • Recurring health issues or injuries
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Irregular menstruation

For some people, extreme fatigue, weakness, anemia, and even body aches may be a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency.2 If these signs are present in individuals who sleep well, stay hydrated, and try to maintain a nutritious diet, adding a high potency vitamin B12 (cobalamin) supplement to the diet may support better health by targeting the energy deficiency.2,3 Black Bear Energy Spray is a naturally formulated dietary supplement that consists of energizing B vitamins, including 2500 micrograms of vitamin B12.

What Does Vitamin B12 Spray Do?

The B vitamins in Black Bear Energy Spray support enhanced cellular energy production throughout the body.3,4 An energy deficiency is often due to low vitamin B12 levels, so replenishing the body’s supply of vitamin B12 is one of the first recommendations for improved energy.2 Almost all of the body’s cells use ample amounts of vitamin B12, therefore, a vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to various physical as well as mental health issues.3 Healthy red blood cell function is dependent upon maintaining proper levels of B12 and this vitamin converts nutrients (e.g., protein, fat) into energy.3,4 Therefore, using a spray with a high vitamin B12 serving of 2500 micrograms can offer individuals noticeable health benefits in a short amount of time. 

This beneficial spray includes two forms of vitamin B12, known as adenosylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin. Adenosylcobalamin enhances energy production in numerous cells, but it is not as versatile as hydroxocobalamin.5,6 Hydroxocobalamin is a unique form the body more readily converts to an active form of B12 that supports numerous reactions.6 Because hydroxocobalamin is a more expensive form of B12, most supplements instead contain cyanocobalamin, which is an inexpensive form that contains an unhealthy cyanide molecule the body must first clear before the B12 molecule can be used for its nutrient properties.6 Unlike other products, Black Bear Energy Spray provides two of the most useful forms of B12 for heightened energy.

This supplement also contains B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin), which both help revitalize the metabolism by enhancing blood flow.7 This process heightens energy levels as well. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) has also been included in this spray due to its ability to convert nutrients from food into energy as well as promote proper energy utilization for sustained vigor throughout the day.4,8

Another beneficial ingredient in Black Bear Energy Spray is molybdenum, which is a useful mineral that supports the body’s natural capacity to process sulfites and other toxins.9 This helps target harmful toxins that would otherwise drain the body’s energy reserves.

Overall, Black Bear Vitamin B12 Spray supports energy production for improved overall health.

How Do You Use Vitamin B12 Spray?

The recommended serving for this vitamin B12 supplement is five (5) sprays directly into the mouth or under the tongue as needed. This spray is a great option for those who do not like to swallow capsules or have digestive issues; specially formulated for increased oral absorption. 

As this spray contains energizing nutrients, it is best to use it in the morning as well as throughout the day. Try to avoid using it before bedtime as its energizing properties may interrupt sleep.

Are Noticeable Benefits Experienced with Vitamin B12 Spray?

Research has repeatedly shown that vitamin B12 supplementation lowers the risk of fatigue, anemia, and energy deficiency.2,3,10-12 Similar studies have shown that individuals who are vitamin B12 deficient typically experience enhanced health after beginning vitamin B12 supplementation.10-12

Furthermore, consuming vitamins such as B12 in liquid form promotes more rapidly experienced benefits than supplements which are taken in other forms (e.g., pills or injections), especially when nutrients are placed under the tongue.13,14 Spraying these nutrients directly under the tongue appears to be one of the most efficient ways to consume nutrients. This is because placing a liquid supplement under the tongue allows the active ingredients to travel straight into the bloodstream, which bypasses digestive liquids and the liver’s filtration process.13,14 Furthermore, clinical research has specifically shown that consuming vitamin B12 under the tongue has a higher absorption rate for most people than other routes of administration.14

Therefore, delivering the recommended servings of this vitamin B12 spray under the tongue offers faster, more efficient, and noticeable health benefits.

How Long Does It Take to Notice Health Benefits After Using Vitamin B12 Spray?

Individuals’ bodies vary in terms of the manner in which vitamin B12 is absorbed. However, health benefits may be experienced anywhere from one week to several weeks, depending on the degree of deficiency.10,12 If your health does not gradually improve, you may need to speak with a health care professional who can determine if the daily serving of vitamin B12 needs to be adjusted.

Are There Any Potential Health Issues Linked to Vitamin B12 Spray?

There are no serious health issues associated with taking vitamin B12, even high servings.10 Vitamin B12 has a low level of toxicity when it is consumed orally, which means that it can be taken safely at even high servings of 2,000 micrograms.10 Research has indicated that vitamin B12 injections of 1,000 micrograms may cause allergic skin reactions, but this has not been observed for oral supplementation of this vitamin.15 People who suffer from chronic kidney problems may also experience a worsening of kidney-related health issues due to high servings of vitamin B12 (1,000 micrograms) daily.16 However, for healthy individuals, oral vitamin B12 supplementation is considered safe at high servings due to its low toxicity level.10

Taking Black Bear Vitamin B12 Spray as directed should not cause health issues. People who have pre-existing conditions or may be allergic to any of the ingredients should speak with a health care professional before using this supplement.


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