Caleb Demmons

Caleb Demmons is a professional Parkour & Freerunning athlete on the Take Flight Pro Team. He’s widely known as “The Demmonstrator” in both the Parkour & Ninja Warrior worlds. Originally from Buxton, Maine, Caleb now resides and trains in Portland after having traveled the country. Look up and you might see him jumping across the rooftops! With Parkour being hugely on the rise, Caleb is ahead of the game having started 10 years ago after transitioning from skateboarding. In that time he has competed in and won several competitions throughout the country, as well as helped start the first Parkour & Ninja gym here in Maine. Look for Caleb in the 2018 North American Parkour Championships (NAPC) and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) Competition!

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